Wednesday, June 27, 2007

TFC Getting Ready to Expand!

TFC North Auditorium and Main Lobby!
Get ready for TFC North Campus. That's Right! TFC North Campus in Opelousas. Yesterday, I took several of our staff pastors to see the facility. For several, it was there first time on site. We are beginning the strategies for the kickoff of "TFC North" in September 2007. The exact date will be September 8th, 2007. A Saturday Night service starting at 6PM. We met with the owner of Acadiana Prep High School, David Barham to outline a few details. He and his wife have a great vision to reach students and their families. They are also excited to see a church start from on their campus. We will have a couple of work days prior to Sept, 8th, so be willing and available as that time draws near. What's really cool is that in 1973 when this ministry began, the address was 223 Stone Ave. The Address at TFC North Campus will be 223 Prep Dr. We are excited about how God is using us to reach others with the cause of Christ. Thank you for being a part of that Family. The Gym could hold over 800 if needed, several classrooms will be used for support rooms for children's church and nursery. The Youth group will probably meet on Sunday nights at TFC North as well. God said to say to the N,S,E, and West to give up! Well, North, Give UP what belongs to God! TFC Get ready to Expand and Grow!
David Barham and his wife, Melinda.
More details to come in the Following weeks. Stay tuned to Blog Page for all the latest updates and progress. Building Lives, Families, and Futures!
New Auditorium for TFC North!

Friday, June 22, 2007

The Lord and the Rings!

In today's Lafayette newspaper, The Daily Advertiser, they ran an article titled "The Lord of the Rings". It was an interview I had done with a writer about my football experiences both as player and as Pastor. You can follow the link to read the article.

Trevis did a great job reporting and represented the situation well. He did however forget to mention the support that Tessy gives me and the Boyz every week. She adjusts her schedule and kids to be with us every week. Thank you baby for allowing me to participate and see one of my dreams fulfilled. Even though you didn't think it was the best idea, you allowed me to pursue it. I love you. To Sterling and Regan: You guys are the best! You worked so hard all season, both in the heat and the cold. Thank you for supporting me and giving a hand. Now I will live my life to watch you guys dreams be fulfilled. Thank you Family Church for supporting me as well. It is great to be your Pastor. Never Stop Dreaming!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

TFC XG Summer Camp!

TFC Getting their PRAISE on!
Last night I drove down to Thibodeaux to Nichols State University to see our Teenagers at Summer Camp. Over 400 kids are attending Summer Youth Camp at Nichols this year. I believe Pastor Derek brought around 60 from TFC. I made it in for Worship service and the alter call. Kids were being touched by the presence of the Lord and everyone was excited about what has been going on. Jordan Burt needs to improve his goalie skills! Got to see all of the leaders and be a part of the camp experience. They group is expected back sometime Friday afternoon. Be blessed guys and have a great experience. Thank you Pastor Derek and Rachel for your support and love you give the kids of TFC!

Looks like Pastor Josh is really having Fun!

Hurricanes in The BIG DANCE BABY!

Here come the "CANES"!

The SWFA Championship Game will be played in Pearland, TX at “The RIG” Stadium. Kickoff is scheduled for 7PM.
Lafayette Hurricanes (12-2) vs. New Orleans Survivors (11-3)
Hurricanes and Survivors split during the regular season. This one is the one that counts!

We have had a great season. Our running back was named league MVP last week. The Lafayette Hurricanes are also ranked 23rd in the nation in Minor League Football. Not bad out of over 700 teams nationwide! This will be the last Game for #74 (Jay Miller). What a wild ride it has been! Thank you for the support all season and dreaming with me. Winner will go home with the hardware and the Championship Ring! I will be able to look back on this season and it will always be remembered as a success in my book. The RING would just be a huge blessing from the Lord. I pray that in all I do – I will honor Christ. Pray for our success next weekend in Houston. The following Day, July 1st, I leave for Australia for 10 days, so pray for my family while I am gone! Love you guys, Thanks for all you do for me!

The RIG Stadium. Pearland, TX
3775 S. Main
Pearland, Texas 77581
Pearland ISD "The Rig"

The Rig is located at the intersection of Pearland Parkway and Oiler Drive. It is also accessible from South Main (35) and Oiler Drive. It is located on the Pearland High School campus.
The stadium seats approximately 9200.

3775 S Main, Pearland, TX 77581

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Are you Ready for This? Gotta see this version!

Alright, earlier I posted the video that the ladies made announcing the 2007 Ladies Conference. We showed this video for 2 weeks at TFC on the big screens. After watching the video the second time, Pastor Derek and several others decided that we could make a video as well. We got together and did our own version of the same video. If you have not watched the Ladies video yet, be sure to watch theirs first before watching this one. Great job MEN!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

TFC Women's Conference coming June 28-30

Ladies get ready! Next week has been created with you in mind. Tessy and the girls have been planning, preparing, and praying for this weekend. Do you best to attend. Dads and husbands, do your best to assist with schedules and children so that your spouse can be here. Here is a video of our ladies getting ready for the conference. Be sure to watch video very close! Tomorrow I will post the men's version of the song! You don't want to miss that!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Fathers Day!

The BOYZ and Britt Playing in Water!
Happy Father's Day to all of you men out there with children. Yesterday was a great day for me. My kids get real excited about honoring their dad on this special day. They realize that I do so much for them on a daily basis, so they are excited to share their feelings toward me on this day. Jansen's gift to me was for he and I to take my Suburban to a car wash and have it all cleaned up and "I pay the man". Sterling, Jansen, Micah and Regan went to Clay Fish Bisque and had some footballs hand painted for me with "Go Canes" on them. Tessy got together and they got me a parking sign for me at the office. The Sign reads, "Commander and Chief Parking Only". Not sure if anyone at the office will think that it is for me! They may not be sure who that parking spot is for!

What a great weekend! We won our Semi-final game vs. the Houston Cardinals and now we move on to the championship game in Houston Texas. We will be playing the New Orleans Survivors! Go figure - The Hurricanes verses the Survivors! Game will be played on Saturday, June 30th at 4pm at Texas Southern University in Houston. One win away from a championship Ring.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

HPC is a Special Place!

Last night I was with Pastor Dino and his wonderful Staff at Healing Place Church! I was the guest speaker last night for their mid-week service.

Jay Sterling came with me and served me all day long. Got to do a little shoppingt at the Mall of LA and hang out together at the Marriot. I am pumped at what God is doing in his life even at a young age! Sterling I am proud of you. You are an Inspiration to me!
Spoke on "Never Letting Your Dreams Die". Talked a little about my Football experiences and how it has all unfolded. If you really want to reach people and inspire others then - Keep pursuing your dreams! By the way, this Saturday we will host the Cardinals at STM at 7pm for a chance to play in the Championship game on June 30th. Come on out and support the Lafayette Hurricanes. It has been fun and I've learned a lot. Best thing about it is, I have gotten to experience it with my sons Sterling and Regan. I love doing life together with friends and family! This will be your last chance to see me in helmet and pads this weekend, hanging up the cleats after this season!
Go Canes!!
Robbie, myself, and Brent - Offensive Line!