Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Same Page Meeting - Exciting and Refreshing!

This past Sunday Night we had our Quaterly "Same Page Meeting". A time set aside for all leaders, staff, volunteers, and those that want to be a part of the vision of TFC to come together and hear from my heart what I feel in my spirit and what God is up to at TFC. We talked about the Foundational Scripture of TFC - 1 Cor. 1:7. We spoke of Building Lives, Families, and Futures - We talked about a new Childrens Worship Auditorium - We talked about UL Small Groups - We talked about a New Parking Lot and Hopefully this week I can reveal some BIG PLANS that are a possibility for TFC in the near future. It was real encouraging to me to see so many in attendance - You don't know what it means to Tessy and me to see you wanting to be a part of the Vision of TFC. Many of you work so hard and invest time, energy, and talents for TFC and you make me proud. You are really the life-line of TFC. I thank God often for our Staff and Workers that He has placed here at TFC. Thank you all for being a part of the Vision and being a part of what God wants to do in Acadiana. I love each of you dearly!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Married with Children Couples Group Night Out!

Some of the Gang at the Grand!
Tonight was the beginning of our newly formed group - Married with Children. Couples ages 30-45 yrs old. We had around 30 that participated in the fun. We started the night at The Grand theatre to watch "one night with the king" followed by dinner at O'Charlies. Movie is worth seeing one time. Dan and Melissa's table was the loudest all night. Polly Anderson tried her best to keep them under control but she didn't do a very good job! Diondi, Trista, and Tessy ordered everything on the menu that they were out of. Fine with me - they comped the whole meal. Great night - a lot of new faces and a lot of fun. Be sure to be a part of the next outing. I think it will be at my house for a Fishing Rodeo - I will keep you posted per date and time. Tonight is YMC Group - married ages up to 30. Meet at church at 6pm. See you tonight!

Carencro Cubs and Coach Broussard

Coach Josiah Broussard
I finally made it to the last game of the season for the Carencro Cubs. They were playing Scott Middle. The Cubs are coached by our own Josiah Broussard. The Cubs are in a rebuilding stage but last night was a game to be remembered. Carencro had a 8-6 lead until the 4th quarter when the Eagles went up 12-8. The Cubs marched over 82 yards with time winding down. With 33 seconds to go in the game and the ball 8 yards to the endzone and no timeouts remaining the Cubs had to act quickly. The last play of the game came with just 7 seconds left. Carencro 4th down on the 1 yard line - do or die situation. The ball was handed off to the half back as he ran towards the goal line - he was hit behind the line but managed to stay on his feet. He was hit again on the one yd line and made one last dive towards the goal line. He extended the ball with a tackler on his back - the ball came to rest on the 4 inch line.

Coach encouraging this kid!
The whistle sounded and the game was over. So close to the 1st win of the season. Congratulations Josiah on your 1st season as a head coach. I am proud of you. When I first got to the game I saw a few of the parents - I told them that Josiah was my son - they said to me that he has been an inspiration to their sons as well as themselves. Josiah thanks for being real and sticking to the stuff and living for Jesus. The future only gets brighter my man. I love you as my own. I am honored to call you friend. It has been awesome to watch you grow up into the fine young man that you are now.

Coach Broussard firing up the team!
PS: Congratulations on the engagement - nice ring son!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

This is for all the Hunters! Gotta Love it!

A Blue Wilderbeast

You see these all the time on the African Hunt Shows. These guys are the ones always getting ate up by the Lions. I couldn't go hunt in Africa without getting one of these. This is a huge animal.

This is my Prize - A Gemsbok!

This one was my favorite. We stalked it for about 3 hours starting from about 3 miles away. These guys stay high in the mountains so it was quite an experience. The horns on this guy are around 42 inches. Not sure where this mount will go.

An Impala Buck
This is a real nice Impala buck. I shot this guy late in the day as you can tell by the photo. I have eaten some Impala BBQ before - real tender meat.

The Same Impala

A Blesbok
This is a Blesbok. They roam the prairie all over. I was in between the mountains when I saw this guy. What an experience!

A Red Hartabeast
This was my first buck that I shot on this last trip. Not my favorite animal but it does come from Africa. The horns make like a heart in the front. So, I shot this one for Tessy. hope she likes it in her bedroom. HA

Saturday, October 14, 2006

I'm Back! So Glad to be HOME!

Boogie calling in the Rhino! Getting a little to close!

One of the 11 Care Points In Swaziland for Children's Cup!

The Missionary Gang an the Royal Swazi for Breakfast. Bledsoe Jr on his 1st Missionary Journey!

Dining with the Ohlerkings, ben rodgers, charles and christine and my gang!

One of the 63 Graduates of MLM. What a great 3 yr experience!

Friday night could not come fast enough. I am always excited to get to go to Africa but when it's time to head home, Let's go! The journey home began in Swazi land on Thursday at 4am from Manzini and we got out of the airport in New Orleans Friday Night at 8PM. A grueling 2 days to say the least. Delays at almost every flight, nevertheless, we are home. Saturday will not be a day of rest as my kids each of them have a soccer game today beginning at 8:30AM. Thanks for your prayers and the support of my family while I have been gone. When I get back I always ask Tessy who "stepped it up" while I was away. The first names that she mentioned were Derek Capello and Rudy Begnaud. Thanks guys for energy and concern. DC brought the house down last Sunday and Wednesday night. Pastor Dan came strong this past Wednesday. Rudy, thanks for the behind the scene stuff you do while I am gone. When your mom and dad would leave you behind years ago, I would look after you - remember those Jr. High days? Now, 15 years later, your taking care of my family. Love ya - And to all the rest who get it done all the time for TFC - You are a blessing to my life. I can't wait to tell each of you about this latest trip. Have a blessed weekend. Go Cajuns, Go Tigers, Go Jesus. Invite someone to church this Sunday - If you will ask, they will come.

Some of the pictures included some of our highlights Here are a few memories that will stay with me always.

Caleb Bledsoe's 1st missionary journey
63 people who were there 3 yrs
Hunting in Port Elizabeth
Seeing Children's Cup in Action
Seeing the church packed on day 2 of the conference
Being a part of World Missions for Jesus
Boogie and Clint being a part of the journey
Driving on the wrong side of the road
My new World Phone in action - what's next
Seeing Aaron Broussard take part of missions in 3 African countries.
Being with my Wife and Kids - Priceless!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

A Swaziland Graduation

Night Scene in Swaziland!
On Wednesday, we graduated 63 Swazi leaders and Pastors. These graduates have been to all 6 conferences over the past 3 years. What an accomplishment! We had almost 200 in attendance on the second day alone. In the 3 years, we were able to train over 300 through out the 6 conferences. It is hard to believe that the 3 year journey is already completed. I am writing this blog from the Swaziland Airport waiting to board my 1st of 4 planes on my way home. It seems as it was just a short time ago (June 2004) that this journey began. Wednesday was a very emotional day as we said our good byes to the people of Swaziland. They brought gifts and cards and were very heart-broken to see our journey end. Chances are I will be back, but NO date has been set and who really knows what God is up to. I would love to take as many from TFC as possible in March 2007. There is so much work to do and time is ticking away, so we must get busy. I pray that God would birth a fresh spirit of evangelism like never before. I must say, I have found my "grace from home" period - 8 days. On that 8th day which was 2 days ago now - boy was I missing Tessy and the boyz! We will fly all day on Thursday and should arrive New Orleans on Friday afternoon. Thank you for covering me with your prayers and supporting my family. I love being a part of a great family - The TFC family. Have a great weekend and I pray to see all of you this weekend.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Update from Swaziland!

We just completed day 1 of the 3 day conference. Great attendance and great spirit in the services. About 150 or so in attendance and over 75 people have been to every seminar so far. That means 6 of 6 conferences they have been in attendance. We will have a special Graduation ceremony on Wednesday and pass out Diplomas to each of them. Pastor Scott Bledsoe did a great job today. On Wednesday, the people of Swaziland will get to hear from Clint Trahan and Bro. Boogie. When I introduced them to the people and told them Boogie's name - They laughed - they loved that name - They kept repeating it. It was funny. Tonight, we will have supper with Children's Cup director - Dave Ohlerking and his wife. We are also seeing about rearranging Brous's airfare to stay in Swaziland one more month. I will know more on Wednesday. I am glad to have a missionary from TFC on the field. Let's pray for more to be sent out around the world from TFC. I pray that all of you had a great weekend. I look forward to seeing you this Sunday in one of the services. LCA's Homecoming is this Saturday night - Check with the school office and get the details. Let's be there and support the Challengers and Pastor Dan and Staff. I will try to post again on Wednesday and Will be able to post pictures on Thursday evening. The internet in Swaziland is dail up - not enough speed for attaching pictures. Love all of you and can't wait to share with you this Sunday what God is doing! Pastor Jay

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Africa Update!

A picture I took on Wed. pm in Craddock
Well, thanks for your patience regarding this posting in Africa - We have been in a place that internet has never been heard of yet! Anyway, We have been in Craddock, South Africa on a real African Safari. We meet with some friends of mine that I met last year on a trip to Africa - Then Boogie, Clint and I had the opportunity to see a dream come true - Hunt in the Jungles of Africa. We had a great time and got to take home a few animals. Boogie and Clint thought they had died and went to heaven! Camouflaged, Rifle, 1000's of animals, and all this in Africa. A far cry from Winnfield, LA. I am sitting now in the international wing of Johannesburg Airport awaiting our flight to Swaziland. I spoke with Scott Bledsoe and he is already on the ground. The conference begins on Monday and concludes on Thursday. We are scheduled to arrive on Friday into New Orleans.

Boogie and Clint's 1st meal in Africa - French Fries!
I heard that Pastor Derek did a fantastic job on Wednesday night and I know he will do great today. I will be calling the church at both services today. 9 am from South Africa and 11 AM from Swaziland. What a neat deal. Have a great week TFC. I love you all and pray for you and your families often. I heard from Brous just now who is in Kenya - Great things happening there. I will be with Brous on Thursday and I think he will be going back to Swaziland for 1 more month. We are working out the details now. See you soon. I miss all of you and can't wait to be back with all my family!

A trophy Gemsbok from S. Africa!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Blogging From Africa!

Good morning Tessy, Boyz, and TFC from South Africa. We just got off the 21 hour flight from Washington DC and we are waiting our connection to Port Elizabeth in South Africa. We will spend 4 days in PE and then head to Swaziland for training and speaking this weekend and next week. I will do my best to send pictures, however the internet is slow and words may have to work for now. We had a great flight so far - We left Lafayette at 4:30 AM and drove to New Orleans to beging our journey. We flew out of NO on Monday 8am. We are just now landing in Africa and we still have one more 3 hour flight remaining. What a great day on Sunday, UL Orientation, Open House, Tessy's B-day, presence of God, great worship service! It has been a week of birthdays at the Miller house - Regan turned 7 on Friday, Tessy 37 on Sunday and Micah turns 3 on Tuesday. I won't be there but we did have a big b-day party for him before I left. Boogie and Clint are doing fine - they watched African Safari movies all the way here. Wednesday will be a dream come true for these guys - they will actually get to hunt in Africa. Boogie already noticed road kill from the airport as we were taxing do terminal. It's gonna be a wild time for these animals - Not sure if they (animals) ever went face to face with a cajun boy! Anyway, Pray for us and pray for our familes that were left behind at home. The Revelation series will continue this wed. night, so be there and be ready to learn and be blessed. I love you TFC and pray God's grace and Mercy upon all of you. Thanks for being a part of the journey that began 3 years ago. Can you believe its been 3 years already? I will try to keep you updated as time and internet allow!