Thursday, April 26, 2007

American Idol Gives Back!

Melinda Dolittle is one of our favorites!
Alright, the Miller family is definitely "Idol" fans. We tivo every show each week and watch our favorites about 3 times each. We have been idol fans for 3 years now. All of our kids enjoy it and we get to sit and enjoy each other in the process. The other night Regan grabbed this toy microphone from Jansen's room and sang along with them Tuesday night. Sterling keep telling him to be QUIET. We see the contestants talk about dreams and then we as a family talk about our dreams. Lot of fun. One of the rules is that no one can watch it unless we are all there or permission is granted by the ones who cannot watch. Another rule is that if you know who got kicked off, you cannot tell everyone. Don't ruin the surprise for us!
We will NEVER forget Sanjaya - never ever!
Well Last night was "idol gives back". Millions of dollars were raised for needy kids and families in the US and Africa. My though this morning was- everyday - we ought to be giving back! Giving back love to those around us, giving back resources to those in need, etc.. Today, find ways to give back and say thanks. Today,Tessy and I will take our secretaries out to lunch for Secretaries Day. (Couldn't go yesterday). We will give back a little of what they give to us. Be Blessed!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I'm Back Baby! Please Forgive!

Preaching in one of the largest churches in Cuba!
Well, for those of you that follow my blog, let me confirm that I was NOT in Cuba for 6 weeks. Came back and hit the ground running hard. Since my return to Cuba, we have bought 30 acres of property, which we will close on next week, had one of our greatest Easter Sundays ever, went on a 5 game winning streak, and moved in with my mother in law. How's that for being busy?
Stephen Auguilard, Pastor Ramos and I
For those of you who don't know, I am playing Semi-pro football for the Lafayette Hurricanes. We are 5-2 on the season with 5 games remaining. We are currently in second place and we host the only unbeaten team in the league this Saturday at Home. A win this weekend and another lose by the New Orleans team would put us in 1st place going into the playoffs. Having a lot of fun and fulfilling a dream that I have had most of my life - play tackle football! Never Stop Dreaming!
Cuban Man and several of the Cuban team.
My Cuba trip was great! We were there 8 days and we will build 2 churches in Cuba this year. You can build a church that seats around 200 for just under 10K dollars. We will have TFC Cuba in the Fall of 2007. Look forward to going back and dedicating this church in fall. I was also able to preach in one of the largest churches in Cuba. The church eats around 500 and over 1400 show up for service. They pack into the streets and pier through the windows. They are hungry for God in Cuba. We are excited about planting churches there. They are hungry! Stay posted TFC for some upcoming Missions Trips that we will be hosting. Pastor Dwayne will be heading these trips up so stay close and stay informed. Be Blessed and check back soon for more future Updates. I'm Back!
Cuban man taking break during hot work day!