Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Merry Christmas Mexico!

Pastor Fred, his wife and I in their home!
Just 3 days before Christmas we made a special trip to the Mexico border to bring supplies, clothes, shoes and toys to the needy families in the Mountains of Mexico. Wallace and Sondra LaCombe, who are missionaries out of TFC, have been filling the trailer over the past several months. Bro. Boogie, Jay Sterling, The LaCombes, and I went for a quick 3 day trip to fill up the warehouse in Progresso.

The Incredible Meal together!
On Thursday night it was like heaven on earth - The cooked us homemade Tamales, BBQ steak, and homemade pico-da-gio dip! Oh my goodness! They followed that up with a family worship service and prayer for all of us that made the trip. Pastor Fred Garcia and his family are incredible people.

Worship and Prayer and Repentance for the huge meal we ate!
They have a heart for the hurting and those "without". I love being a part of what God is doing with Missions and helping those who God is using to do it. Our entire Pastoral Staff will be going on a trip to Mexico in February 2007. Along with all of our kids, we will be right at 50 people! It will be a 4 day non-stop missions trip. We will do VBS, cook meals, preach, sing and pray for people all day, every day. TFC make plans to be a part of a future missions trip in 2007. We should have 4 trips available for you to be a part of this year. I pray all of you had a Merry Christmas and We look forward to having a great 2007.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

TFC's Own Special Session!

Senator Vitter in the new Welcome Center of TFC!
TFC was represented well today during a brief visit by Senator David Vitter. The Senator came with an agenda - "What can I do in Washington to help your people?" His first question was what is it about TFC that attracts such a plurality of people and backgrounds. He had heard of our efforts in the past and was impressed at what he heard. I simply talked about the people that God has brought to TFC. How we make people feel at home, feel like family, and feel special. I told the Senator, if we have any successes, it is because of people who care about others. Thank you TFC for making this place special. I love you and am so glad to be called to Pastor here at TFC! I can't wait to see what is in store for TFC in the near future!

I love December - Party after Party after Party!

A special Gift given to all the couples!
Wednesday night was NO exception to the rule - The rule of having something every night during this Holiday Season. Tessy and I hosted our Deacon and deaconess at Don's Seafood Downtown last night. What a great bunch of people. We talked briefly about this past year - 2006 - and what we are believing for in 2007. We are truly blessed to have such fine families a part of our lives here at The Family Church. I watch these people pray, love, give, touch, and bless others every service. This is what makes TFC a special place. Thank you deacons and families for believing in us and for fulfilling your call to the body of Christ.

Meet Mr. Anthony Joseph Sonnier
and his beautiful wife Sharlene. There is none like Tony!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Looking forward to 2007 Already!

Dreaming about doing more for The Kingdom!
As I look back on the year 2006, I am amazed of what was accomplished and all that God has done. What I love the most about what people say about TFC is that they feel like family. We had a special guest this past Sunday - Ms. Olga Robinson, she was celebrating her 100 year Birthday. Wow - We figured out she has had 17 Presidents so far in her lifetime. We had a cake and served cake honoring a life of 100 years - She told me after the service how she felt like family here at TFC! That makes me smile. So many of you help create that environment around here. You care about people! Thanks TFC for making 2006 onne of the best with much more in store for 2007. Here is a small sample of what we are believing God for - We currently have 26 acres - next to us around 36 acres not being used for anything. We are looking at the possibilities of using it for the Kingdom of God. Believe with us that God will move on the hearts of the property owners to sell us the land. More details to follow as things happen. I am ready for the next wave. Have a great Holiday - Remember - One service this Sunday - 10AM only. See you there!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Christmas is in the air! YMC take to the streets!

Notice Carl on his cell phone doing business!
I love this time of year - Christmas Time! Holidays, Family, Turkey, Ham, and Football! I love this cold weather we have been having with out the rain included. Parties almost every night, friends, special times, soon - kids out of school for a few weeks. I pray all of you are loving it as well. Saturday night, several Young Married Couples of TFC, got together for a RV Excursion of Christmas lights and Dinner. We had a great time, the weather was perfect, food at Cafe Roma's in River Ranch was excellent and we did see a few lights as well. I love hanging out with friends, laughing together and dreaming together. There are many opportunities to hang out together this Christmas Season with each other, please make the time to be a part of the December activities at TFC.

Here is a brief look at upcoming events for Tessy and I:
Saturday - Young Married Couples Excursion
Sunday - Oasis Christmas Dinner Concert w/Billy Gaines
Monday - MOS Beast Feast
Tuesday - TFC Staff Pastor's Christmas Dinner
Wednesday - Deacon and Deaconess Christmas party
Thursday - Jay Sterling Basketball Game
Friday - Move into my Mother in Laws home!!
Saturday - Production Final Rehersal
Sunday - Christmas Production and Special Gift to all Families
Monday - Not sure yet - Call me - we will go.
Tuesday - Leave for Mexico for 3 days.

I love what I do - You all make my life special!