Friday, July 28, 2006

Kidz Blitz "Live"

jay sterling about to get into some "kidz blitz" action

What a wild and crazy Friday night with the boyz. Well, at least with 3 of the 5. We were out at "family life" church with Pastor Todd Menard. They had VBS all week and it concluded with a wild and crazy game night on the big stage. Sterling was in some kind of game with a bunch of balls falling on him and he had to do something! So much screaming going on I couldn't hear a word. I found out afterwards by my 5 yr old son, Jansen, that the "blue" team won. Which made us real glad cause we were on that blue team. Don't think we won anything for it but a sore throat and a free headache.

"blue" team celebrating our big win!

Also tonight, I got to see one of our small groups as well. Pastor Dwayne and Stephanie, our kids pastors, had a van load of staff and workers with them as well. To bad they were on the green team. The green team got waxed! Sorry dwayne and steph, we love ya anyway. shane bellard also took a loss tonight. If that wasn't enough, we went eat at chick-fill-a afterwards, so they could play on the indoor play area. My thoughts were, "I just want to go home and watch sportscenter for 25 min. or so".

Daddy, Micah (worried about toilet paper on his shoe), sterling, and Jansen

Tonight was all about sacrifice and here is why. Tonight, John-Mac and I were supposed to ride motorcycles and head to dinner somewhere (far away, I hope). Tessy was supposed to take the kids to game night tonight. She was feeling a little tired and asked me to join her tonight with the kids. I decided I would take the kids and suggested that she stay home and rest. I called John-Mac and told him we had a last minute audible. He brought his son Seth and we all went together. Good job John-Mac! That is what "family" is all about - SACRIFICE! It's about serving the ones that God has placed in our lives. Life is not, nor should, always be about "ME". I challenge all of us, to look around, see who God has placed around us, and serve THEM. What a way to live - don't think I would want to live any other way. Looking forward to some great weekend services with my "family" this Sunday at TFC!


Thursday, July 27, 2006

Final preparations!

An inside look at the newly conditioned leather and carpet!

Bro. Larry Granger, Cory, and Kevin adding final touches!

Final preparations were in order late this afternoon for the upcoming "Miller Family" vacation. Kudos to Larry's Buff and Shine who worked us in their busy schedule this week. Many of you will recognize Bro. Larry, that is, if you come to the 11AM service. Yea, so here we go! Off to the Ozark mountains of Arkansas in a 40 Ft. RV and 5 kids! Did you see the movie RV with Robin Williams? I can only imagine! It sure looks clean and smells nice now - not sure after being in there with all those boys for a week or so. After this weekend's services, Tessy and I and the boys will be rolling out to take the "family vacation". Micah, our 2 yr old, is so excited he wanted to start sleeping in the RV for over 3 weeks now. Finally I had to go park it somewhere else so he couldn't see it. Camping, fishing, hiking, swimming (which, by the way, counts as your bath), biking, cooking, sleeping bags, paintball guns, white-water rafting, swimsuits and Sponge Bob! I'm like, what's in it for Tessy? This is all boy stuff! Did I mention 4 wheeler riding and dirt bikes?

The truth is, Tessy is more fired up than all of us. In fact, it was her idea in the first place to do something like this. What a WOMEN! How could God favor me so much? She and I just love doing "family". We love being together and doing stuff together as a family unit. It has been a very busy summer and we are looking forward to our journey away with the boys. Keep watching the BLOG page. It could get real interesting over the next week or so.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

World Missions is in the Air!

Wallace and Sondra loading up!
I got to spend a few minutes with Wallace and Sondra today. They are packing up the trailer for another upcoming missions trip and distribution of supplies to the churches in Mexico. The LaCombe's have been Missionaries to Mexico for almost 10 years. I love to hear there story of how they got started in this journey. From renting vans and u-haul's to pull trailers and whatever else they could find to make the 700 mile trip. They have been apart of our family for over 20 years. Their love for the pastors and people in the Valley is so obvious in the work, time, and energy that is exhausted each time they head out. I'm sure the "heading out" part is the easiest because all the hard work has already been done. The packing and loading and sorting all the stuff. I love hanging out with people who have some "scars" and "battle wounds" from being on the front lines of ministry. That tells me that no matter what the enemy tries to do, they stay in the fight. We all know that it is not easy to stand straight up in the face of the devil when it seams that all might be lost. Thank you Wallace and Sondra for staying in the fight. Your rewards one day will be evident by all the "red" faces in heaven and they will be looking for you. I am so grateful that you are a part of the TFC family. I love to be a part of things that touch the lives of others. Fire and Power Ministries does just that. Love ya!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Why The Family Church?

This is why! We are a growing family. I hold in my arms to babies born to 2 different families in the church on the same day. TFC, I present to you, Baby Olivia, daughter of Steven and Brittany Johnson, and Baby Ashton, son of Rudy and Tandi Begnaud, nephew of Rachel B(Our Worship Pastor). Both born on Monday, July 24th, at Lafayette General. Welcome to Fatherhood Rudy, I am proud of you. New life is always amazing to me, in one moment they are inside the comfort of the mother, the next moment - born into another world. God is truly amazing. I think in 2006 alone, 18 new babies will be born into our church. This past Sunday, we dedicated 11 babies. We are truly a New Testament Church, where the Church literally "grew daily"! Ms. BEA, our nursery Director, she is in need our prayers and a few more volunteers as well, maybe a pay raise also.

I love being a part of a growing church. Our vision is "Building Lives, Families, and Futures". We are sure seeing that "Family" part coming to pass these days. Looks like we will have another "huge" Baby Dedication Service in September again.

Monday, July 24, 2006

TFC's Next Missionary to Africa! Get Ready! R U Next?

What a great way to start the week, and a great start to a vision that has been in my heart for many years. Sending Missionaries from TFC to the World! Today was the 1st step in that direction. Early this morning, Brous and I drove to Baton Rouge to meet with Dan Ohlerking of Children's Cup. We discussed the possibilities of sending Brous to work with them on a 3-4 month missions trip to Swaziland in Southern Africa. I have known the Ohlerking family for about 18 yrs now. I was reacquantied with their ministry upon my personal commitment to train leaders in Swaziland with Equip and John Maxwell. They have some great projects going on in the southern regions of Africa. Upon my return from Swaziland 3 weeks ago, the Lord begin to speak to me about sending the next generation of missionaries out to the nations. I remember my 1st long-term missions trip out of high-school, 41 days to Grenada. It changed my life! For the first time in my life, I actually believed that God had a special plan for me and a future in His kingdom. Brous, I am praying that God will use this experience and touch you in a way that only He can do. Brous is looking at a early September departure and a December return. The final details are yet to be known for his trip, but today we reached a milestone! I pray that TFC will send many more in the days ahead all over the globe. Brous, I believe in you and can't wait to see what God has in store for the rest of your life. TFC, get behind the vision of World Missions and get your passports ready! Will you be the Next One?

Sunday, July 23, 2006

I Love What I do!

Today in the 9AM service, we had such a sweet experience at the close of the service. My heart was so overwhelmed with gratitude and love for the families of TFC. My live is so rich of the blessings of God: my wife, 5 boys, and a church that loves ME. I thank God for all of you that are a part of the vision of TFC. At the close of the message, my heart was so touched by your love for tessy and me. I love "doing life" with you. I love being a part of your lives and the lives of your children. Those of you that have been with us for so many years, "What a Journey"? One of trust, sacrifice, and faith! You are awesome. I love being your Pastor and I thank God everyday that He called me to Lafayette and to The Family Church. I look forward to each new day - cause' I just might get to see some of you. Thanks for allowing my family to do life with yours.