Tuesday, July 31, 2007

TFC in Southern Africa, Mozambique

TFC joined with HPC of Baton Rouge last year to build a Care Point and Church in Mozambique, Southern Africa. Isaac and Carol Williams are the Pastors of HPC Mozambique. Here is there Blog page to see what is going on around the other side of the globe. TFC, you have a part in every child that is being touched by the love of Jesus. Thank you TFC for caring enough to be a part of what God is doing Globally. You are HIS Hands and Feet!
You goto go check out the video of this little guy getting his praise on. Click the link below and its the July 30th post!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

TFC North Campus Workday!

Forrest building a storage closet for equipment!

Moving furniture and getting ready for lunch!

Loading up materials from Lowe's!

Putting in new tile and washing the walls and floors!
Today was the first of several work days that have been planned for the TFC Opelusas Campus. Over 50 or so showed up at 9am to help with several different projects. Men changed out ceiling tile while a majority of the ladies mopped, cleaned, organized and swept the floors. Young people were helping as well. It was a great day and a great day to sow some seeds into the future of this new campus. Ricky Bourgeois got all of the AC units running and blowing cold. Forrest Arceneaux built a wall and made a closet to store our equipment between services. Pastor Shane ordered pizza for lunch and made everyone happy. We have one more work day scheduled, I will keep you posted as to when that day will be. For all of you that gave a hand today, Thank you so much. You are truly the heartbeat of TFC. Building Lives, Families, and Futures!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Are You Ready?

IT is almost that time of year! The day that most parents long for and the day that kids don't want to see - The First Day of School! Nevertheless, Here we GO! LCA kicks off its 34th school year of its history! Pastor Dan Savoie has done an excellent job this summer on getting big and small projects accomplished! When you return to Campus you will see many visible changes. New landscaping, new play ground and basketball courts, parking lot improvements, new football scoreboard, and lights on football field. Many new improvements inside as well. From the school kitchen to new paint and small touch ups - What a busy summer it has been. It will also mark the highest enrollment in the history of LCA. Around 575 students to start the new school year. The summer staff of LCA has done an incredible job all summer long and the hard work will pay off soon. Pastor Dan has also completed the necessary requirements and has earned his Master's Degree over the Summer as well from Southwestern University in Dallas, TX. Go Pastor Dan! LCA will also begin its new 3rd - 6th grade tackle football program this fall. I know that Sterling and Regan can't wait to put on those pads! See all of you soon and enjoy your last few days of summer kids!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Australia, Dallas, and Gulf Shores!

I feel like I have been around the world in 30 days! This past month has been both uplifting and inspirational! I was able to attend Hillsong Pastor's Conference in Australia on the first of July! 25 thousand screaming crazy radical Christians in one place - It was awesome! Got to see TD Jakes, Jensin Frankklin, Stephen Curtis, Brian Houston, Darlene Chech, And so many others! Stayed their for about 10 days or so. Then I had to turn around and speak at Pastor's Conference in Dallas, TX for 2 nights just 2 days from my return from Sydney. I came home for Sunday services and left for Family vacation with Tessy and all the boyz! We had a great time together. Un-disturbed mom and dad time - you know the Boyz were digging that! Now, I am back in for a while and ready to get this new campus started. Pastor Derek and Pastor Dan did a great job while I was gone. I heard that this past Sunday was awesome worship and a really strong anointing around the alter! Thanks for being sensitive Pastor Shane! Tonight we will continue our "Leading Like Jesus" series. Hope to see of you here tonight at 6:30PM. I love TFC and love being home with all of my family!

Enjoy the Pictures!
Hillsong Conference Pictures!
The Boyz cutting up on vacation!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Happy 68th Mom!

Cheezzzy Camera Phone Pix

All but one (Britt) of the grandkids!
July 10th, 19 something! Like before Elvis and John Wayne! My mom celebrated her 68th birthday. We were gonna take her to eat wherever she wanted. Her request was whatever the kids wanted. Bad idea. We have 5 and they all have their opinions. Well Micah wanted to take her to McDonald's and get her a happy meal. Jansen said anywhere but Whataburger. That's were papaw takes him every time he is with them. 3 more options followed. When in doubt, Chili's is the place! We left more food on the floor than we ate. I have to tip big, we make them hire a new staff position with our crew! Anyway, Happy 68th mom, you look good next to that old man of yours! You married young I suppose! Love ya.